IT Consulting Services

Integrated and comprehensive IT consulting services enables you to align your business operations with technology-based governance.

We have comprehensive services of IT consulting such as IT strategic best practices and IT governance in your business operations.

Datamatrix Technology Consulting provides IT Governance Services, that cover the development and implementation assistance of plans, principles, policies, standards, guidelines, procedures, and other technical documents that enable your IT organization to properly plan/organize, acquire/develop/implement, operate/manage, and monitor/evaluate the IT-related works. Best practices, generally-accepted frameworks, industry-specific requirements, and unique characteristics of your company are the basis of our consulting services to provide the best result for your company.

IT Strategy / IT Planning Consulting Services

We help many organizations to develop feasible IT Strategic Plan from Business Vision, so that they are able to avoid wasting a big money, and to ensure that IT always align with the business in term of planning and its execution.

Business & IT Service Management

ITSM Maturity Assessment
ITSM Procedure Development
Service Catalog Development
Service Model Development
Service DeskMaturity Assessment
Service Desk & Support Manager Workshop

Data Management Services

Companies should be ready to face the challenge in digital era, such as data are becoming more complex. People talk about big data, master data management, data leak prevention, data cleansing, real-time data, in-memory data, agile data and many more.

IT Project Management Consulting

We also provide IT Program Management Office (PMO) Set-Up and Operation Assistance; IT Project Management Outsourcing; and Project Manager Outsourcing.

IT Operations Consulting Services

IT operational aspects deal with daily IT operations activities, requires policies and guidelines to enable the proper provision of IT services to business users; thus we provide IT Service Management (ITSM) Capability Development providing your company

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